Mind: The Power of Setting Goals


When you take control of your New Year’s resolutions by marking out realistic and achievable goals and milestones throughout the year, you will be able to see positive results and feel them too.

You might decide that you wish to reduce the amount of stress in your life, adjust your schedule to spend more time with loved ones, embark on a new health and fitness routine or take up mindfulness or yoga practice, to name but a few worthy endeavors.

Read on to discover more about the power of setting goals to achieve greater peace of mind.

What is the Connection Between Ayurveda and the Mind?

This ancient alternative medicine practice from India has two key philosophies. These are that the mind and body are inseparably linked and that there is no greater power that can heal and transform the body than the mind.

Yoga is used to enhance the medicinal ideologies of Ayurveda, to help strengthen the link between the body and the mind to promote healing. Today, the Ayurveda system promotes a powerful message of mind-body health, which has been further enhanced by the inclusion of regular Yoga practice, to help promote balance and serenity.

The Ayurveda lifestyle includes the consumption of various superfoods that can offer various health benefits as well as help relieve the symptoms of certain health conditions. These include arthritis (Turmeric and black pepper), Type 2 diabetes (Apple Cider Vinegar), Alzheimer’s (Ashwagandha), lower blood pressure (Moringa) and many more besides.

Discover the Power of Setting Goals

The start of a New Year is always a time for reflection and adjustment and most commonly, many people re-assess their lifestyles and life goals in order to achieve greater satisfaction with their lives.

For instance, you can truly enhance the inclusion of Ayurveda superfoods into your diet or start a new Yoga routine with the power of setting goals. Many people find it can be tough sticking to a New Year’s resolution, which can cause anxiety and stress as well as feelings of guilt about not achieving them. This is where setting realistic and achievable goals will help!

1. Start a Gratitude Journal

Keep a track of your New Year’s resolution and lifestyle goals much easier by starting a gratitude journal. Start by writing down all of your personal lifestyle wishes and add these alongside your personal affirmations as you list what you are grateful for each day. Meeting your lifestyle goals and ticking them off as a personal achievement is definitely something to be grateful for!

2. Become a List Maker!

You don’t have to micro-manage your life, but by writing down an outline of how you are going to achieve your New Year’s resolution or lifestyle wishes, you can help turn them into a reality.

Figure out on paper how you will boost your motivation to continue going to that exercise class or to portion out more time from the day for you or your family. It may well help to see your goals written down when you’re trying to achieve them.

3. Talk About It to Your Friends, Colleagues, and Family

Openly communicating with those you are close to will help you stay accountable towards achieving your new lifestyle goals. You will also receive the added support and encouragement to spur you on! Never underestimate the power of positive thinking and emotional support from your favorite people.

Remember, be kind to yourself throughout your journey towards your new lifestyle goals and you will surely be able to achieve them. And for more helpful and useful mindfulness tips, take a look at our Mind page on our website. You can also purchase a wide range of Ayurveda superfood supplements from Fresh Healthcare, a trusted health food retailer.

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