Essential amino acids for leaky gut

Essential Amino Acids for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is just one of the names for a medical condition seen by a number of health professionals, who claim that various infections and diseases seem to stem from issues relating to gut health. It is argued that the body’s immune system sometimes […] Continue Reading »

collagen food and drink benefits

Collagen Drink Benefits and Collagen Foods

Derived from the Greek word for glue, collagen is something your body simply couldn’t function without. It is a complex protein which binds tissues together, such as skin, hair and bone, as well as your internal organs and blood vessels. There are a number of […] Continue Reading »

best collage supplements

The Best Collagen Supplements to Try Today

The best collagen supplements should always include the right types of collagen. With over a dozen to choose from, it can seem confusing to know what the best collagen peptides actually are. Collagen is a protein which makes all kinds of things possible. With collagen, […] Continue Reading »