Collagen Benefits for Hair: Maintaining Strength Over Time

Collagen Benefits for Hair

Hair is made of keratin, a protein which is one of the toughest substances on the planet. Not only does it form hair, but it is also the same substance that nails and animal horn are comprised of. You can pluck out a hair and snap it in half easily, but when packed together in a dense shape, keratin becomes immensely strong.

Your body needs a steady supply of collagen in order to maintain healthy hair. Think of collagen as a protein which binds bodily tissue together. As you age, your body will start to produce smaller quantities of collagen, meaning you will need all the help you can get to boost collagen levels.

See how collagen works to protect your hair, and what you can do to feel the full collagen benefits hair needs to remain firm and resilient over time.

How Collagen is Good for Hair

One of the biggest issues many of us face with our hair is the thinning of hair itself, or even baldness. It prompts many of us to look to health supplements and products to keep our hair looking as vibrant as possible and prevent any loss. Anyone concerned about hair loss might ask, does collagen help hair growth?

Hair is formed by collagen Type I, one of the most abundant forms of the protein that your body has. Your body uses the amino acids from collagen in order to form individual hairs. But what’s the scientific evidence behind the wide number of supplemental collagen peptides, and can they actually help keep hair from thinning or even prevent hair loss?

An article in the Journal of the American College of Toxicology touched on hydrolyzed collagen and its use as a cosmetic product, for use on skin and hair. The article mentioned how analysis of the substance had concluded that when absorbed by the body, hydrolyzed collagen increased the tensile strength of hair and even helped lengthen it over time.

One of the leading causes of hair damage is excessive dryness and an inability to retain moisture or naturally-occurring oils. Dryness leads to brittle hairs, but help is at hand. The journal explained that hydrolyzed collagen is a compound which is able to help bind moisture to skin and hair, preventing it from drying out.

If you want to make sure you get all the hydrolyzed collagen hair needs to remain strong and healthy, Fresh Healthcare’s Complex Collagen Supplement is worth considering for inclusion in your beauty regime.

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More Collagen Hair Benefits

There is yet more evidence of noticeable collagen benefits for hair, especially through our very own Complex Collagen Supplement at Fresh Healthcare, as it contains not only the necessary Type-I collagen you need, but Vitamin C as well.

Vitamin C works in concert with collagen to maintain healthy hair, as explained in an article published by the Dermatology and Therapy journal in 2018. The article explained how Vitamin C helps serve as an antioxidant, preventing damage to living tissue by free radicals. In addition, Vitamin C, as found in our Complex Collagen Supplement, is essential in helping the body absorb iron, as well as helping ensure collagen fiber synthesis, through a process of hydroxylation of amino acids such as lysine and proline.

People experiencing hair loss are usually recommended to supplement their diet with Vitamin C, as the condition can often be caused by a deficiency in the vitamin itself.

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The science is clear: collagen is essential for maintaining strong, shiny hair. Our bodies start reducing amounts of the protein over time, resulting in issues such as dull or brittle hair, making us feel like it’s lost its vitality. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

With Fresh Healthcare’s Complex Collagen Supplement, you can have all the help you need to boost collagen levels. Rich in collagen Types I-IV, as well as Vitamin C, this supplement is consumed in pill-form, and as soon as it’s taken on a regular basis, the effects start to be felt. Remember that collagen isn’t just present in hair; it can be found in skin as well.

By supplementing extra collagen into your diet, you ensure that not only your hair remains healthy, but that the surrounding skin retains its moisture, too.

Think of your hair like a forest, and your skin like the soil it needs to grow in. Maintaining your hair means looking after your skin too, so it remains vibrant, wrinkle-free and moisturised correctly.

Collagen Benefits for Hair: Maintaining Strength Over Time

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