Lemon and ginger great nausea remedies

8 Remarkably Effective Natural Nausea Remedies

Nausea plagues everyone from time to time. Whether it’s morning sickness, food poisoning, or just an upset stomach, feeling nauseous is never fun. But luckily there are a number of natural remedies to help ease the discomfort. In this post, we’ve rounded up the best […] Continue Reading »

Recipe: Far Eastern Salad with Turmeric

Far Eastern Salad with Turmeric Recipe

This tasty salad can be eaten alone, or served with some marinated and griddled tofu for more bulk. You can experiment using other vegetables, the ingredients are entirely up to you! With such a huge selection of vegetables and salad items, you can be sure […] Continue Reading »

Small Bowl of Almonds

12 Delicious Sources of Calcium for a Vegan Diet

Getting the right dose of calcium is vital to the overall health and development of our bones, but what’s the best source? While dairy products might be lauded for their calcium content, they’re certainly not the only option out there – great news for those […] Continue Reading »

Breakfast Kale Turmeric Scramble Recipe

Breakfast Kale Turmeric Scramble Recipe

This breakfast is a powerhouse of nutrients and a good start to your busy day. Kale, designated as a ‘superfood’, full of Vitamin C, beta-carotene, iron (more per ounce than beef!) and a huge amount of antioxidant properties to fight off life-threatening diseases, as well […] Continue Reading »

Turmeric and Lemon Rice with Coconut

Turmeric and Lemon Rice with Coconut

Some people may find rice just a little bland if they serve it the same way every time. With this delicious rice dish, you get a wonderful, fragrant rice that has a great combination of ‘sweet and spicy’. The turmeric gives it a lovely golden […] Continue Reading »

Peppermint Leaves

7 Natural Ways to Alleviate Headaches

Headaches aren't much fun for anybody. Feeling like a freight train is constantly shuttling back and forth through your brain is guaranteed to put a dampener on your day. But unfortunately they affect a lot of us, with one survey putting it in the list […] Continue Reading »

Bowl of Ancient Wisdom with Turmeric

Bowl of Ancient Wisdom with Turmeric

When we compare the food we eat today with the food people ate some 2000 or more years ago, we can notice a huge difference. People back then ate healthy whole foods and prepared their dishes slowly, with passion and with patience. Who says that […] Continue Reading »

Tall glass of healthy apple cider vinegar with apples surrounding

The Incredible Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

‘Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar for that?’ is a common response to countless medical complaints, from hiccups to high cholesterol. This health-boosting elixir has long been rooted in traditional medicine and although not all claims are backed up by scientific research, there are plenty […] Continue Reading »

Golden Milk Ice Cream with Pistachios

Golden Milk Ice Cream with Pistachios

This is a delicious ice cream recipe, and relatively healthy too. This recipe is inspired by the basic recipe for golden milk, but with the addition of extra spices to really get your taste buds tingling. It is a complete ice cream pleasure for you, […] Continue Reading »