Can Apple Cider Vinegar help with UTIs?

Can Apple Cider Vinegar help with UTIs?

Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, can be painful and distressing and affect a very large number of people. Women are particularly likely to be affected and are often on the look-out for ways to prevent or treat frequently occurring UTIs.

As UTIs are such a common affliction, many people would prefer to use a natural method to try to limit their chances of getting a UTI, and this is where Apple Cider Vinegar can help.

If you are currently suffering from a UTI, it’s always best to visit your doctor who can advise you on whether you need antibiotics to prevent the infection from spreading to your kidneys, which can cause more serious problems.

What is a UTI?

Urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria in the urethra multiplying and causing an infection. The symptoms include pain when urinating, lower abdominal discomfort and even a fever.

There are a number of natural remedies that are thought to help prevent UTIs from taking hold. Some women find that if they identify a natural remedy that works for them, they can all but eliminate the risk of contracting a UTI in the future.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help Prevent UTIs?

A large number of people swear by Apple Cider Vinegar as a great way to prevent UTIs. The fermented apples in this supplement have substances in them that some believe can help fight bacteria and prevent bacteria from attaching itself to the walls of the urethra and multiplying.

Indeed, if consumed regularly, Apple Cider Vinegar may help to prevent UTIs in people who suffer from them several times a year.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help to Treat UTIs?

Some people believe that Apple Cider Vinegar could help to treat, or at least help in the recovery from a UTI. If you have visited the doctor and they haven’t recommended antibiotics, it might be worth at least trying Apple Cider Vinegar as its antimicrobial effects could help you to recover.

If your symptoms worsen though, go and visit your doctor again as UTIs should not be left untreated.

What Other Health Benefits Does Apple Cider Vinegar Offer?

Apple Cider Vinegar benefits are believed to range from detoxing of the digestive system, to helping to manage cholesterol. It is also used as a way to lower blood pressure and help prevent obesity and the heart diseases that are linked to this.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss through the Apple Cider Vinegar diet is common and well-documented. Many believe it can help the body to rid cells of fat and can even help to supress appetite, so you eat less.

Other advocates of Apple Cider Vinegar claim that the Apple Cider Vinegar diet reduces pain due to its natural anti-inflammatory effects. Although the jury’s still out on whether this is actually the case, plenty of people seem to feel some benefits.

How Do I Take Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar pills are now available for those who would like to take it regularly but who aren’t too keen to drink it.

Anyone who reacts badly to acidic foods and drinks may benefit from taking the Apple Cider Vinegar pills, for example.

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