The Best Elderberry Gummies for Kids

The Best Elderberry Gummies for Kids

Elderberry fruit (sambucus nigra) is rich in a wide range of nutrients, essential to help children grow fit and healthy and strengthen their immune system. There are so many ways to help them get the benefits of elderberries, through black elderberry syrup or black elderberry extract capsules. Elderberry gummies for kids are another option.

If you have kids, you’ll know they’re more than likely to have something of a sweet tooth at a young age. Elderberry for kids doesn’t have to mean having them taking pills or capsules like any other kind of health supplement.

Black elderberry gummies can inject some fun into staying healthy for your kids – they’re like regular gummies you can buy in the store, but they’re specially-made with all the best of elderberry fruit extract. Consumers often talk about pill fatigue – wanting to try a variety of health supplements, but without the tediousness of swallowing plain-tasting capsules.

Elderberry gummies are chewy and tasty — just don’t eat them all at once!

Staying Healthy at a Young Age

Kids are growing all the time. From their first days of life, they get all the vitamins and minerals they could possibly need to fuel their growth from breastfeeding. Neither black elderberry gummies nor any other kind of supplement would be necessary for your child in these very early days.

As kids start to move towards liquid and then solid food, they start to become more capable of digesting all kinds of things. As with any kind of health supplement, you need to have a healthy balanced diet to begin with. The clue is in the name: health supplements are additions to your child’s diet, so you should never assume your child can live on elderberry gummies alone in order to stay healthy.

Importantly, children need to have a healthy immune system as soon as possible, so that they’re ready for whatever life throws at them. Coughs and sneezes are common for small children, but you might be increasingly wondering what you can do to help them get better more quickly.

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is responsible for helping protect cells, maintain healthy skin and ensure fully functioning blood vessels, as well as strong bones and joints. Kids often get into bumps and scrapes. Vitamin C can help with these as it helps heal wounds.

The Best Elderberry Gummies for Kids

Black elderberry gummies such as Fresh Healthcare’s own Elderberry Gummies could be suitable for your child – sourced from vegan-friendly gelatin, they’re not only tasty but nutritious, too. Many gummy products are made from gelatin originally sourced from animals.

Perhaps you want to limit your impact on the environment, and always take the welfare of animals into consideration, when you shop for food in the store. Our vegan-friendly Elderberry Gummies would be the perfect way of supplementing your child’s diet without compromising on dietary requirements.

Please note that gummies often contain sweeteners or added sugars, so it’s important to keep a check on the sugar content of any products you give to your child. Children’s milk teeth will have emerged by the time they are a year old, and these give way to their adult teeth by age five or six.

It’s never more important to ensure healthy teeth and gums than at this age. Excessive sugar in your child’s diet will lead to plaque build-up, which could ultimately damage their teeth, unless kept in check. When giving your child some of our delicious Elderberry Gummies each day, remember to tell them to keep brushing their teeth at least twice a day.

Elderberry Extract to Help Childrens Immune System

Children’s Elderberry Gummies – Why Not Give Them a Try?

Black elderberry gummies are typically sourced from the juices of the elderberry fruit itself. People often give their children elderberry syrup or black elderberry extract if they get sick with the common cold or some other form of influenza. Don’t worry if they start to get a bit unwell every so often – children pick up all sorts of infections as they grow. But what about improving the responsiveness of their immune systems?

An article published in the Pharmacy Times refers to a placebo-controlled study conducted by Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu, an Israeli virologist. Dr. Mumcuoglu claimed that 93.3% of people given an elderberry supplement reported improvements in flu-like symptoms after just two days of experiencing the initial symptoms.

This was a significant improvement compared to the placebo group, which took six days to notice an improvement in symptoms. This suggests that elderberry extract in some shape or form could slash the time it takes people to recover from flu.

Each time your child is unwell and has to take time off school, you would need to change your work arrangements to look after them. If Elderberry Gummies from Fresh Healthcare could help keep those coughs and sneezes at bay, why not buy a bottle of them from us today?

How Many Elderberry Gummies Per Day?

As with all health food products, it’s always important to find the appropriate elderberry dose for kids, when giving them gummies. That’s because the product might contain certain ingredients which children should consume in much smaller amounts than adults.

Vitamin C, for example, should be given to children aged one to three in daily servings of 15mg, according to the latest advice by the National Institutes of Health. This recommended daily requirement grows to servings of 45mg by the ages of 9-13. In order to determine whether you’re getting gummy doses just right, always consult the label.

If you’re unsure about servings of any kind of health product for your child in general, you should always consult a paediatrician. They will be in a position to assess how effective the supplement would be for you or your child, and notify you of any issues.

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Pure Premium Elderberry Gummies

The Best Elderberry Gummies for Kids

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