Baobab: Why You NEED to Try This Incredible New Superfood

Baobab: Why You NEED to Try This Incredible New Superfood

Want to hear about a superfood that contains more calcium than cow’s milk, more antioxidants than blueberries, and six times more Vitamin C than oranges? Then get ready to discover the wonders of baobab – a new superfood that offers some amazing health benefits.

What is Baobab?

Baobab trees are some of the most ancient in the world. In fact, carbon dating suggests that mature specimens are around 1,000 years old, although it’s thought they could reach double that age. That means that the baobab you eat today could have been harvested from a truly ancient tree.

With root-like branches that extend up to 50 feet in height, the baobab tree is visually unique. These massive angiosperm trees are shrouded in myth and legend where they’re found, including Madagascar, parts of Africa and Australia.

Each tree carries large greenish pods which hold the baobab fruit, a dry white pulp that contains no moisture whatsoever, but a lot of vitamins and nutrients. In fact, baobab provides plenty of:
Vitamin C

The Health Benefits of Baobab

When taken regularly as a supplement, baobab’s impressive nutritional profile translates into a huge range of incredible health benefits:

Beautiful Skin

Foods rich in Vitamin C are a fantastic way to get healthier and more vibrant skin. Vitamin C helps the body form collagen and elastin – two proteins that are vital for supple healthy skin. And luckily, baobab contains Vitamin C by the bucketload.

On top of that, baobab has also been shown to contain an impressive amount of antioxidants (more than blueberries in fact). Thanks to their ability to neutralize free radicals, antioxidants are key in reducing the signs of aging, making baobab a fantastic addition to your line-up of anti-ageing superfoods.

Slow Energy Release

Foods that offer a slow release of energy help us stay active for longer, and prevent those all-too-common energy crashes. Luckily, baobab offers just that. Packed with Vitamin C and soluble fiber, this superfood can reduce tiredness, as well as promote a healthy energy-yielding metabolism. To make the most of its energy-boosting effects, try adding a spoonful of baobab powder to your post-workout smoothie or oatmeal for a pick-me-up that will last all morning.

Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

Fiber is vital for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, and luckily baobab contains a lot of it. In fact, 34 percent of this superfood is made up of soluble fibre, which is essential for all kinds of bodily functions. Importantly, for people with Type 2 diabetes, foods like baobab can potentially help lower blood glucose levels. This is supported by research conducted by the Functional Food Centre of Oxford Brookes University, which found that participants who drank milk containing baobab showed lower blood glucose response than the placebo group.

Read more about helping manage diabetes with superfoods here. 

Keep Your Heart Healthy

Baobab has also been connected to improved heart health. According to a 2016 study into the potential of baobab to prevent heart disease, the fruit offers a protective effect against Isoproterenol induced heart injury. Although more research needs to be carried out on human subjects, the results of the animal study are very promising for those looking for natural supplements to help support a healthy heart.

How to Make the Most of Baobab

It’s easy to enjoy the benefits of baobab. Available as a powder, this superfood supplement offers the subtle sweetness and tang of the fresh pulp. Simply add it to your morning smoothie, or sprinkle on top of an acai bowl for an extra boost in the mornings. Looking for an alternative to sugary drinks? You can even add a teaspoon of baobab powder to sparkling water, for a delicious healthy drink.

Baobab is a great natural supplement to add to your everyday diet. Packed with nutrition and health benefits, it’s a superfood that’s here to stay. For more tips on how to include more superfoods like baobab in your diet, check out our blog post here.

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