How Will Apple Cider Vinegar Affect My Teeth?

How Will Apple Cider Vinegar Affect My Teeth?

As Apple Cider Vinegar has substantial acidic properties, it’s reasonable for you to question whether it can have an adverse effect on your health.

While this very aspect of ACV is actually the root of some of its various benefits, such as treatment of skin tags or eczema, it’s true that too much acid can disrupt your body’s natural balance.

When looking at the effect of ACV on teeth, the concern is whether it acts similarly to other beverages like fizzy drinks in having an impact on your tooth enamel. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Firstly, it’s useful to look at the specific uses of ACV, as not all of these approaches require you to consume the substance orally.

If you’re applying Apple Cider Vinegar rinses to your hair or are applying small doses of it topically to your skin, you won’t have to worry about the impact on your teeth.

However, many do believe the best and the most natural way to achieve Apple Cider Vinegar benefits is by adding a teaspoon of liquid AVC to a glass of water. But when taken this way, the acetic acid in vinegar is more likely to weaken dental enamel and lead to loss of minerals and tooth decay.

Having said this, the effects are likely to be minimal unless you are taking the ingredient in large, undiluted volumes. So it’s always important to dilute your ACV before you add it to your diet in liquid form.

Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss is a popular use for this supplement, but taking high strength solutions without regard to the quantity and regularity isn’t advised. Other health benefits include the belief that ACV can support a strong amount of healthy bacteria in the body’s digestive system, which may help you better absorb energy and nutrients from your diet.

Also, an Apple Cider Vinegar diet is believed to help in detoxing your body and killing off bacteria that could lead to sore throats and colds.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Teeth

It has been proven that certain beverages and acidic substances can have an erosive impact on human enamel. However, these studies largely involve fully immersing teeth in these substances. As such, it’s not advisable to hold undiluted ACV in your mouth for prolonged periods of time.

The other consideration to keep in mind is the buffering effect that saliva can have on the acidity levels of ACV. This may decrease the potential for dental erosion.

Methods of Taking ACV

Liquid ACV

While diluting ACV in water is one of the simplest methods of consuming ACV, it’s the only method that may impact your teeth. The other drawback is the strong taste that can sometimes put people off from including this ingredient in their diets.

ACV Capsules and Pills

For those who are cautious of the potential erosive effects of ACV on their teeth when it’s taken in liquid form, capsules of ACV provide a useful alternative.

When purchased from reliable retailers, Apple Cider Vinegar pills can offer you a useful strategy for improving various aspects of your health. It is also the simplest way to consume the ingredient for those who are in a rush.

Capsules will include a concentrated powder form of ACV capsules that offer you all of the health benefits without the need to consume the liquid version.

Final Thoughts

The difference between Apple Cider Vinegar pills vs. liquid in terms of the added health benefits is actually very small. If you are concerned about ACV affecting your teeth then you may want to opt for the supplement in pill form.

For those who would prefer not to taste ACV, capsules and pills allow you to enjoy your daily dose just as easily.

One of the most important considerations is to always purchase your Apple Cider Vinegar pills or liquid ingredients from an accredited retailer such as Fresh Healthcare. This will ensure that you are receiving an organic, raw and unfiltered ACV powder.

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