Breathe Mindfulness

Breathe: The Secret to Mindfulness

How often have you been reminded to just breathe? It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Breathing, after all, is completely natural. So natural in fact, that we rarely give it a second thought. Yet our breath is a powerful thing – not just for our bodies, […] Continue Reading »

Sunflowers in a bright field

The Power of Gratitude

We all have, in our armory of emotions, one tool that can make our lives better. It can make us happier, healthier, more productive and at peace with the world. And that one simple tool is gratitude. The Secret Power of Gratitude Psychologists have found […] Continue Reading »

Top 5 Foods to Promote Wellness Calm

Top 5 Foods to Promote Wellness and Calm

Let’s face it – we all lead busy lives. Between stressful jobs and hectic social lives, it can be a real struggle to switch off. And that’s bad news for our health. So making the effort to eat nutritious food that’s as good for our […] Continue Reading »

Yoga Food Supplements

What to Eat for Yoga Practice

Yoga is about more than just exercise. It’s a way of aligning the body, focusing the mind, and reconnecting with ourselves and the world around us. So it makes absolute sense that the what we eat can have a profound effect on our yoga practice. […] Continue Reading »