5 Tips to Keep Fit & Active this Fall

5 Tips to Keep Fit and Active this Fall

Fall is the perfect time to get active. The days are cooler, the air is fresher, and exercising outside is an excuse to enjoy the incredible colors of autumn. An active fall has benefits for your health too. As the seasons change, our immune systems often take a hit. But luckily, exercise can help boost immunity, keeping you fighting fit during the colder months.

So here are our top tips to keep in shape this fall – without locking yourself away in a soulless gym.

1. Create a Routine

As the days get colder and the nights longer, it’s easy to go into hibernation mode. So to ensure you continue your exercise regime in fall and on into winter, a routine is essential. To create a routine you’ll stick to, try to schedule workouts to be as convenient as possible. Can you walk to the office? Great – start jogging to and from work. Have a lunch hour to spare? Perfect – go for a power walk in a local park. The key is making exercise part of your everyday life.

2. Stay On Track During the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, there’s plenty of opportunity to fall off the fitness wagon. So plan ahead. If you know you won’t have time to hit the gym, schedule in mini-workouts. Concerned that you’ll lose momentum? Don’t worry. A study from Arizona State University has suggested that three 10-minute workouts during the day can be just as effective as a 30-minute workout.

3. Layer Up

The saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” applies to exercise too. The temperature might plummet in fall, but that doesn’t mean your fitness mojo has to follow suit. Embrace outdoor exercise by investing in breathable, moisture-wicking clothing. Though you may feel cold at first, you will quickly warm up as your body starts pumping so be careful not to overdress.

4. Focus On Your Post-Workout Nutrition

What you eat after your workout is almost as important as what you do during it. It’s essential to refuel your body with healthy, protein-rich foods at anytime of the year, but having a tasty meal waiting for you is an even better reward in the colder months. Hot oatmeal topped with fruit, nuts and superfoods like cinnamon and cacao nibs is an extra comforting treat. Or if you’re on-the-go, whizz up a superfood smoothie with an added dose of revitalizing maca or ashwagandha.

5. Shake Up Your Workouts

Just because it’s getting colder, doesn’t mean that you have to head back to the gym. There are loads of fun outdoor exercises that will get your blood pumping in no time. Why not try an outdoor bootcamp? It might be tough, but getting out in the fresh air is a surefire way to boost your mood. Or for something a bit more gentle, dust off your bicycle. Bike rides are great fun for all the family, and they offer the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

With its cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage, fall is a great time to start exercising outdoors. Just make sure you create a holiday-proof routine to ensure your exercise regime keeps going long into the winter months.

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