The Emerging Medicinal Health Benefits of Mushrooms

The Emerging Medicinal Health Benefits of Mushrooms

We bet you didn’t know about the amazing health benefits that come from mushrooms! These tasty and healthy little fungi could help with a multitude of health concerns, from managing weight and boosting the immune system to even helping to fight cancer. If you didn’t already have a soft spot for these awesome little guys, then we think you soon will, as they are the latest trend in the health food world.

Read on to find out about the emerging medicinal health benefits of mushrooms here!

What is the Connection Between Mushrooms and Health?

The Health Benefits of Mushrooms

There are a number of different mushrooms which have been found to be beneficial for our health, these include:

Each of these marvelous little mushrooms listed above have different flavors and different health and medicinal benefits. For instance, Reishi mushrooms are thought to help regulate the body’s immune system as well as blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Whereas, there is some evidence to suggest that Turkey tail mushrooms could help with chronic fatigue and improve the immune function of women with breast cancer.

Mushrooms have been used for centuries by humankind as a tasty food source, as well as being gluten-free, low in calories and fats as well as being cholesterol-free and low sodium. Mushrooms are also an excellent natural source of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B3, copper, potassium, selenium and high levels of the antioxidant ergothioneine, alongside other bioactive compounds.

There is emerging preliminary scientific evidence to suggest that certain superfood mushrooms can help to combat weight gain, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and support brain health. Mushrooms can also help the body boost its immune system, increase anti-oxidant activity and even improve exercise performance.

Where Do Mushrooms Come From?

There is a long history of human consumption of mushrooms and the first species were originally grown in China, which is still one of the world’s largest producers of mushrooms today. Other countries with a strong mushroom cultivation tradition are the United States, The Netherlands, Poland, and Italy.

Although mushrooms have been classified as a vegetable, they are in fact fungi with direct nutritional and health benefits.

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What is the Best Way to Add Mushrooms to Your Diet?

You can enjoy the many health benefits of mushrooms by cooking them, eating them raw in salads or taking them in a supplement. Recently, some nutritionists have advised those wishing to reduce their sodium and cholesterol intake to combine mushrooms with red meat in dishes like burgers. This is because mushrooms contain umami, a natural savory flavor and when combined with red meat can help reduce the intake of red meat which is high in cholesterol without compromising on flavor.

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