Collagen Peptides: Bovine or Fish?

Collagen Peptides - Bovine or Fish?

Collagen is the biggest protein in your body. Collagen peptides – bovine or fish – form molecular links between collagen particles to peptides, supporting tissues and body flexibility. When we age or don’t include enough nutrients in our diets, the production of collagen begins to decrease, potentially causing sagging skin, joint pain, and other symptoms of aging and nutrient deficiencies.

Collagen peptide supplements offer a variety of amazing health benefits, such as helping relieve joint pain, increase skin and hair health, and boost muscle mass. Moreover, they’re made of two major sources of collagen, bovine and fish.

Read on to discover which one suits you.

The Health Benefits of Bovine Collagen

Bovine collagen is produced from cow hides, and is specifically made from the skin, bone and muscle of cows. This source of collagen is packed with Type 1 and Type 3 collagen which play a major role in bone and skin health, as well as the repair of tendons and ligaments.

These two types also make the supplement a rich source of amino acids. These compounds have the ability to reduce fatigue, repair sun-damaged skin, and maintain bone and gut health and promote strong joints.

Bovine collagen is a fantastic supplement for athletes, or active individuals, as the amino acids can help accelerate your body’s recovery after a strenuous work-out session. The collagen can also help increase strength and energy levels, giving your muscles a good boost.

The Health Benefits of Fish Collagen

Fish collagen, also known as marine collagen, is produced by fish skin and contains Type 1 collagen only, as the peptide molecules in fish are generally smaller in size. This also makes them more bioavailable and easier to digest. Therefore, fish collagen can help maintain a healthy gut, especially if you have digestive issues.

Its higher absorption also helps your body produce more anti-aging and bone-building molecules, enhancing your skin and joint health. Furthermore, marine collagen can help reduce symptoms of aging, due to its rich source of antioxidants, which protects your skin from oxidation and aging, while improving skin elasticity and hydration.

Bovine vs. Fish

Bovine and fish collagen work in similar ways, offering fantastic health benefits, helping your body maintain overall good health. They both provide rich sources of amino acids that help build strong and flexible connective tissue.

However, apart from the fact that marine collagen is perfect for pescatarians, while bovine is suitable for those with shellfish allergies, fish collagen can be the better and safer option, as it is superior in digestibility, being 1.5 times higher in absorption, in comparison to bovine, allowing your body to easily break down proteins.

Another bonus is that fish collagen is non-GMO, and as they are caught in the deep sea, they aren’t treated with artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, making fish collagen a natural source for consumers.

Those looking to use cruelty-free products will lean more towards fish collagen, as the fish is not farmed, but instead captured in the wild.

Fish Collagen – A Clear Winner

All in all, bovine and fish collagen provide more or less the same health benefits, including good skin, hair, gut and bone health. However, fish collagen is ultimately the better choice, as it is a more natural supplement and very effective for skin and hair health, and allows you to achieve faster results, due to its fast absorption.

So, grab your fish collagen today. And don’t worry, there won’t be a “fishy” smell or taste. Simply mix and blend the powdered supplement into your morning coffee, your favourite post-workout smoothie, or sprinkle some over your breakfast cereal, to make the most of its fantastic benefits.

Collagen Peptides: Bovine or Fish?

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