Can you Restore pH Balance with Apple Cider Vinegar?

Can you Restore pH Balance with Apple Cider Vinegar?

We are all built to naturally maintain a balance of acidity and alkalinity in order for our organs to function at their best. The PH balance of the human body, also referred to as its acid-base balance, is the level of acids and bases present in the blood.

While you won’t need to constantly know what your PH balance is, it can be a handy indicator to tell you whether you may be suffering from certain conditions, as an imbalance may be a sign that your lungs or kidneys are malfunctioning. Disruption in your acid-base balance can also lead to certain medical conditions, so it’s worth keeping an eye on your pH levels every now and then.

As for the relationship between Apple Cider Vinegar and PH balance, it is believed by many that due to the properties of this substance, it can have the effect of balancing out your overall pH levels in certain situations. But what’s the truth in this? Let’s take a look.

Impact on Your Body’s Acidity Levels

There is little evidence to suggest that taking health food supplement ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar will significantly impact your overall pH balance. The main reason for this is that your body will always endeavour to regulate the acidity levels in your blood itself.

So for any acid or alkali-forming foods you consume, your lungs and kidneys will function in response to control the levels naturally. Therefore, taking large quantities of ACV would simply result in your kidneys and lungs working harder to create and maintain a healthy equilibrium.

What About the Alkaline Diet?

In recent years, the alkaline diet has become a popular health trend based on the idea that different foods can alter your body’s pH balance. Advocates believe that eating a diet rich in alkaline-rich foods can actually help your body avoid diseases and illnesses. However, there is no hard evidence to show that what you eat actually affects your body’s pH.

Foods have been shown to affect your urine pH value, but as this happens as a result of your body removing excess acids in urine to maintain your overall pH balance, it can be a poor indicator of your body’s balance and health. Additionally, urine pH can be influenced by other factors outside of your diet.

So the conclusion is, for better or worse, taking ACV will not actually impact your overall pH balance.

Impact of ACV on Hair

Due to ACV’s natural properties, it is known to support the chemical balance of your hair to restore it to its full health. As high strength shampoos and treatments can significantly impact the pH levels of your hair, Apple Cider Vinegar benefits could be a useful antidote to restore overall balance.

This would require you to create a rinse that you apply directly to your hair rather than consuming Apple Cider Vinegar pills.

ACV could, therefore, help with the loss of hair caused by pH imbalance and bring your hair back to its original strength.

Essential Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

While ACV shouldn’t be used to alter your body’s overall pH levels, there are many other benefits that it could have for those who choose to consume it as part of their regular diet, such as Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss.

Through the unique fermentation process of ACV, Apple Cider Vinegar is created to support a strong amount of healthy bacteria that can assist in your body’s digestive system, enabling it to better absorb energy and nutrients from your healthy diet.

Apple Cider Vinegar can also help in detoxing your body, killing off bacteria that could lead to sore throats and colds. An Apple Cider Vinegar diet has also been known to offer natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

Finally, when purchasing your apple cider vinegar supplement in pills, make sure that you source your ingredient from an accredited retailer such as Fresh Healthcare who use organic, raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar powder which helps preserve its beneficial enzymes and probiotics.

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