Could Baobab Transform Your Pre and Post Workout Nutrition?

Could Baobab Transform Your Pre and Post Workout Nutrition?

If  you aren’t already thinking about your pre and post workout nutrition, it’s about time you started. You might not realize it, but what you eat before and after exercise can have a huge effect on your performance, energy levels and recovery. That means eating the perfect balance of macronutrients, but also antioxidant rich superfoods that can increase your endurance and speed up your recovery. That’s where Baobab comes in.

This ancient superfood is packed full of Vitamin C, helping maximise performance and accelerate recovery. Here’s the lowdown on how it works, and why you should be adding more of this superfood to your diet.

The Importance of Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

The ins and outs of post-workout nutrition can get complicated, but the basic principals are easy to understand. In short, the way the body deals with nutrients depends on its activity, which means that what you eat before and after your workout can have a huge impact on how your body uses that food. By consuming particular nutrients before and after your workouts, you can actively change your performance and overall recovery.

Research has largely focused on the importance of post-workout nutrition, with most studies concluding that its purpose is to:

1. Decrease protein breakdown
2. Replenish glycogen
3. Aid protein synthesis

Put simply, post-workout nutrition helps to boost energy levels, maximise muscle size and repair any damage caused by exercise. That’s why nutritionists recommend eating a careful balance of carbohydrates and proteins after exercise, as well as lots of nutrient-rich superfoods.

Baobab and Workout Nutrition

You may already have heard of the benefits of adding superfoods like Maca and Cacao to your pre and post workout routine. But what about Baobab? Baobab powder is made from the raw pulp found inside the Baobab fruit, which themselves originate from the majestic Baobab trees. Packed full of Vitamin C, this ancient superfood offers a whole host of health benefits; it improves digestion, increases bone density and boosts immunity.

On top of that, Baobab has been shown to actively promote endurance and recovery after exercise. Here are just some ways this nutrient-packed superfood can amp up your workout:

Loaded with Vitamin C

Baobab is one of the best sources of Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, in the world. The vital vitamin is great for people who exercise regularly, since it reduces the amount of oxidative damage caused by exercise. But Vitamin C doesn’t just help promote recovery from exercise; it also supports healthy skin, sustains energy levels, and even helps lower blood sugar levels. In short, it’s as good for your overall health as it is for your post workout routine.

Fuels Your Performance

If you feel like your performance at the gym is inhibited by fatigue, you might want to consider adding Baobab to your pre-workout smoothie. Thanks to its impressive offering of nutrients and antioxidants, Baobab can help boost energy levels and endurance for the whole duration of your workout. That’s because Vitamin C lowers levels of carnitine (the amino acid responsible for breaking down fats into energy), while also supporting adrenal function for increased metabolic energy.

Supports Recovery

Do you feel tired and achy after a strenuous workout? The post workout pain is called delayed onset muscle soreness, and it’s completely normal for those who aren’t used to strenuous exercise. However, there are still things you can do to help prevent aching muscles and accelerate recovery.

Studies suggest that as well as building muscle,Vitamin C can improve adrenal gland function, helping to keep the body in homeostasis and balance levels of cortisol – a hormone that can cause muscle breakdown. This means that Baobab can potentially help your body recover after a particularly strenuous workout.

Get Baobab in Your Life Today

There’s one more benefit of Baobab powder that we haven’t talked about – the taste! Baobab boasts a delicious citrusy tang, and can be easily added to your favorite pre or post workout smoothie, for better performance and faster recovery.

Read here for more amazing benefits of superfood Baobab. 

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