5 Natural Summer Health Tips to Help You Look and Feel Great

Summer Health and Wellbeing

From beach waves to radiant skin, the secrets of summertime health and beauty can sometimes be elusive. But before you reach for that fake tan, why not check out these natural health tips to help keep you glowing this summer?

1. Stay Cool and Hydrated

Most of us associate dehydration with tiredness, muscle cramps and extreme thirst. But did you know dehydration can affect your brain too? Consisting of around 73 per cent water, the brain needs H2O to function at its best. In one study, researchers even found that teenagers who exercised for 90 minutes without water experienced significant shrinking of brain tissue. That means to stay on the top of your game this summer, you need to drink at least two quarts of water per day, and more in hot weather or when sweating with exercise.

2. Add Some Nutritional Supplements to Your Diet

Did you know that your nutritional needs actually change over the summer? The heat, humidity and exposure to sunshine can rob your body of some essential nutrients, while providing it with more of others. Vitamin D is a great example. While many people suffer from a deficiency during the winter months, in summer it might be worth lowering your dose thanks to the abundance of natural sunlight.

Our Vitamin C and E needs, on the other hand, increase during the summer months. For example, while the ascorbic acid in Vitamin C helps keep sweat glands healthy and protects against heat rashes and heat strokes, Vitamin E can keep skin looking smooth and supple, even in the sun. So make sure to reshuffle your medicine cabinet this summer and keep an eye on your diet – you never know what your body might be lacking.

3. Wear Non-Toxic Sunscreen, Even on Cloudy Days

You’d be forgiven for thinking you only need sun cream when the sun’s out. But as anyone who caught the sun on a cloudy day knows, this is definitely not the case. The sun’s burning rays are actually so powerful that they can get through even the thickest cloud on a hot day, leading to unexpected sunburn. So always remember to slather on a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

4. Tame Your Locks with Homemade Conditioner

Shampoo on its own isn’t always enough to tame frizzy locks in humid weather. So try using some coconut oil or shea butter to smooth, de-frizz, and moisturize your hair after washing. You can even recreate that effortless beach hair look with your own sea salt spray! Just dissolve one tbsp sea salt into warm water with a few drops of essential oil, then spritz onto towel dried hair.

5. Relax and Breathe

It may sound simple, but many people forget that summer should be the season to slow down, relax and enjoy life. Even if you don’t have a vacation planned, you can still reclaim summer’s carefree spirit with a few simple changes to your daily life.

Just taking a 30 minute lunchtime stroll in the sunshine can boost your mood, while open-air yoga has been shown to promote a feeling of calm. Or why not learn more about mindfulness? After all, researchers have found that by rooting ourselves in the present, mindfulness can promote calm, happiness and wellbeing.

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